Decentralized cross-chain
exchange for crypto-assets.

Enon leverages multiple layers of distributed technologies to achieve
decentralization, security and trading robustness.

The advantages of Enon
decentralized exchange.


Gateway, the first layer, leveraging
multisignature supported blockchains
guarantees secure deposits, withdrawals
and IOUs issuance.


Trading floor, the second layer, which
operates on the Enon blockchain
provides high performance and cost
efficient trading.


Trading fees redistributed as
ENO tokens incentivize miners,
validators, and all participants
to exhibit desired behavior.

Launching in 2019

Built for end-users with scalability requirements for market makers.

Easy onboarding

Exchange like you always
have without painful
extra onboarding requirements.

Open Access

Retain control over your assets,
personal information and what you trade.


Compatible with the majority
of blockchain assets
and privacy coins.

Distributed & resilient

Open-source technology, built on the
principles of blockchain with a
growing set of validators.

Distributed entities and resources
including non-corruptible components
resulting in a byzantine fault tolerant system.

Privacy guaranteed

Trade without requiring personal data such as your passport or driver’s license while
the Enon trading mechanism focuses on enhanced privacy for assets owners.

High-level overview

We removed limitations from varying blockchains to create a multi-layer trading solution that isn't affected by
network congestions, high transaction fees and different network security requirements.

Exchange securely ... without a DEX's trading limitations